General information:

Hotel Karaburma was built in 1968. for accommodation of its founders employees.

We are located in Karaburma, in the municipality medadviceof Palilula, in Stevana Dukića Street No.2.  We are just 4km away from the center of Belgrade and are excellently connected with other parts of the city by public transportation. Nearby there are bus stops of the lines 16, 23, 25, 25P, 32, 32e, 35, 74 and 202.

Our capacity is 365 beds, in double and triple rooms. Every room has its own bathroom.

Employers and students can sign housing www.es.medadvice.net/premier-salt-scrub/and accommodation contracts, for a long term stay in the hotel.

There is also the possibility of making contracts with companies to accommodate their workers, on longer terms.

The hotel has 4 specially equipped rooms for short term stays.

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